Welcome to the Magic Beans!

The Magic Beans are more than just a podcast, we are a community of people from all over the world who share a passion for Magic the Gathering.

In addition to our weekly podcast episodes that cover everything relating to MTG news, events, Magic fundamentals and in depth meta game breakdowns, we have a full calendar of events that all lead into an epic Invitational at the end of each year.

Events are free to enter and have incredible prize support thanks to our partnership with the amazing Josh & Pat’s MTG Bazaar.

To join the events, head to our Tournament Series page!

The Magic Beans

Host of the Magic Beans Podcast, bit of a Spike and always leaves deck choice to the last minute.

Played MTG since: Onslaught Block
Favourite archetype: Mono Red, get em dead
Favourite card: Electrolyze

CrackerReader of announcements, self confessed filthy casual and sometimes host of the Magic Beans Podcast.

Played MTG since: 8th Edition
Favourite archetype: Reanimator
Favourite card: Anything that says “Draw a card”
ChewyTangents, Dad jokes and the occasional insight into trying to be good at Magic.

Played MTG since: 5th Dawn
Favourite archetype: Combo
Favourite card: Krark-Clan Ironworks
PollywaffleCollector, procurer of fine cardboard and lover of all things Modern.

Played MTG since: Innistrad
Favourite archetype: Big Mana
Favourite card: Thespian’s Stage
Disco StuBringing the new player perspective. Still on a journey of discovery throughout the multiverse and loving it

Played MTG since: Magic Origins
Favourite archetype: Midrange with cool interactions
Favourite card: Jace the Mind Sculptor
BlastaBoyChandra fan boy, easily distracted by Lego and self confessed Magic n00b.

Played MTG since: Innistrad
Favourite archetype: Mono Red
Favourite card: Chandra, any flavour of Chandra
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