Magic Beans Tournament Series Rules


Welcome to the Magic Bean Tournament Series!

This Series is brought to you by the Magic Beans Podcast and through their association with Josh & Pat’s MTG Bazaar.

Consisting of four multistage leagues and four single day events, competitors in the Tournament Series accrue points toward the Magic Beans Invitational, where the ultimate prize of being crowned Series Champion is awarded.

All events in the Magic Beans Tournament Series are free to enter.

League Rules

Leagues will be run with two distinct phases, a Group stage followed by Finals. The group stage will run over a 3-week period. The finals will be decided over a 2-week period until a top 8 is determined, with the top 8 streamed and commentated on the Magic Beans Twitch channel.

Group Phase
The 3-week group phase will begin immediately after the league announcement stream. In this stream, the competitors will be drawn into groups that will form the Round Robin opponents for the group stage. Each group will have a Bean assigned as your main contact for any concerns, feedback or required information.

Total number of groups is determined by total number of entrants. Each competitor will play each member of their group once during the group phase.

<40 Players41 – 80 Players81+ Players
4 Groups
4 from each group progress
8 Groups
2 from each group progress
16 Groups
1 from each group progress

Match Making

Matches are played on MTG Arena using best of three Standard.

Decklists are flexible between matches, you can play a different deck every round.

Each player is responsible for scheduling and completing matches within the group stage. The Magic Beans Discord server is the source of communications with other competitors when scheduling matches.

The winner of each match is responsible for updating results on the event page in Challonge. Go to the matches tab for your group and scroll across until you find the match you just played. Hit the record result button and enter the result.

NOTE: Be sure to record if the result is a 2-1 or 2-0 win as this can matter for tie breakers. The link to the Challonge page will be pinned to the #tournament-series channel in Discord.

If you are unable to complete your matches and wish to drop from the league, please contact your assigned Bean who will drop you from the event and inform your opponents.

If a player is not responding when attempting to schedule a match, after three attempts send a private message on Discord to your group Bean. They will follow up with the player and may drop them from the league if they are still not responsive.

A suggestion would be to contact the player and provide 3 possible time slots to play. Remember that we have players from all around the world so try to be as accommodating as possible.

Finals Phase

At the conclusion of the Group phase the top players from each group will progress to the finals phase of the event. The top 16 players across all groups will qualify for finals.

The number of groups and therefore the top finishers in each group progressing will be confirmed and announced on the live draw stream and communicated via Discord.

The ultimate winner & final standings will be decided using a double elimination structure spread over 2 week with stage 1 being played in week 1 and the top 8 being played the following weekend & streamed on the Magic Beans Twitch channel.

Decklists for finals can be changed for each match up until the top 8 cut off at which point, they will be due by 10pm on the Tuesday prior to the finals stream. Decklists are to be submitted via email to

League Finals Prize Structure

League prize distribution is as follows.
All cash prizes in AUD

Final PlacingPrizes
1st$140 + qualification to Invitational
5th – 8th$20
9th-16thCurrent set Collector Booster
Each EntrantEntry to weekly Collector Booster draws
Wooden SpoonSpecial prize announced during league

NOTE: All finalists are required to participate in the finals coverage stream. If a player is unable to participate on the day they will forfeit their matches in the top 8.

Details on participating in the finals stream, including timing and other requirements will be circulated closer to the date via Discord.

Invitational Points

The winner of the League will receive a qualification to the annual Magic Beans Invitational in addition to other prizes offered.

The top 3 finishers in each group will be awarded Invitational Points on a sliding scale plus a single participation point for all entrants.

Group Phase PlacingPoints Awarded

Single Day Event Rules

In addition to Leagues, the Magic Beans Tournament Series includes four single day events. These will be Swiss rounds based on numbers, with no cut to top 8.

Single Day Events will be played on MTG Arena. The format for each event will be included in the event announcement. Decklists are required for these events and via email to at least 90 minutes prior to round 1.

Single Day Event Prize Structure

Single day events will include a AUD $250 cash prize pool. Other non cash prizes to be added subject to  availability. Any additional prizes will be announced on the Magic Beans Discord prior to the event.

Single Day Event PlacingPrizes

Single Day Event Invitational Points

Competitors are eligible for Magic Beans Invitational points for top finishes in Single Day Events. This is based on a sliding scale, determined by the number of entrants. Each entrant will receive an additional point for participating in Single Day events.

Invitational points are awarded in addition to other prizes earned during the event.

8 or Less9 – 16 Players17 – 31 Players31+ PlayersEach Entrant
1st: 1 Point1st: 2 Points
2nd: 1 Point
1st: 3 Points
2nd: 2 Points
3rd: 1 Point
1st: 4 Points
2nd: 3 Points
3rd: 2 Points
4th: 1 Point
1 Point

Other Information

Magic Beans Podcast member eligibility
The Beans will not be eligible for league prizes or invitational points. Any invitational points earned by the Beans during the group phase will be passed down to the next placed participant.

Should one or more Beans finish high enough in the group stage to progress to the finals stage, their invitation will pass down to the next placed participant.

Earning Multiple Invites
It is possible for a player already qualified for the Magic Beans Invitational through winning a previous event, to earn an additional invite through accrued points or winning a subsequent League.

Should a qualified player’s final ladder standing earn an invite, their subsequent invite will pass down to the next highest ranked player on the ladder.

In the event a player already qualified for the Invitational makes the finals of a League, the invite will automatically be passed to the second-place winner. This will be passed to third in the event both finalists are already qualified (and so fourth until an eligible player receives a new invite).

Tie Breakers
In the event two or more players finish the Series on the same number of Invitational Points, tie breakers will be applied to determine standings:

1. Head-to-head match wins against other TB players (League matches and one-day events only)

2. Head-to-head match wins against other TB players (League finals)

3. Most matches played across all leagues, official one-day events, and league finals

4. Yearly Win % across all events.